Working a Guard Booth Into Your Land Development

A Great Guard Booth Design Can Protect Your Land Development Investment

Digital security has become increasingly more prevalent across the United States – from security cameras to alarm systems to ID cards to lighting. However, physical security has slowly become overlooked despite its importance to protecting your company and your ventures. The ability to design a guard booth for your land development project is crucial in protecting it from unwanted intruders wanting to do damage or harm to your newest development.

Keeping your development site, workers, and visitors safe should be a priority, and the best way to accomplish that is with physical security. Whether residential or commercial, implementing a guard booth into your land development plan can provide so much for your employees and potential buyers. It is important to designate space(s) that will accommodate the right guard booth design for your project from the beginning even if one is not being put up just yet. With companies and communities constantly increasing security measures, the prospect of easily implementing a physical security presence on-site is sure to entice buyers.

A Unique Guard Booth Design For A Unique Land Development

One of our top priorities at Guard Buildings is providing you with a guard booth that meets your project’s unique needs, which is why we offer a fully customizable experience. No project is the same, so expecting a single guard booth design to work for every development would be naive. Our guard booths come with a multitude of different functional features, to ensure that your booth is protecting your development to the fullest extent. When it comes to safety – you should not cut corners with security features.prefab guard house manufacturer-park-model-slider

Guard Buildings’ guard booths have the ability to house many different features such as:

  • Camera Systems
  • Gun Ports
  • Gate Arms
  • Bullet Resistance
  • High-Intensity Lighting
  • Alarm System Wiring

However, safety isn’t everything when it comes to providing a guard booth for your new land development project. We work to provide you with a guard booth design that is not only functional but one that is visually cohesive to your development. Creating a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing guard booth is critical for bringing your development together. The care that goes into customizing a guard booth can show your attention to detail and care for your development’s safety and appeal.

Guard Buildings offers an array of design features such as:

  • Real Brick Exterior
  • Custom Roofing
  • Cosmetic Enhancements

This can help with allowing you to create a building that matches your property. There is no need to compromise looks when it comes to protecting your development. With the number of customizations we offer, you can provide your community with front-line protection without compromising your community’s look and feel. To learn more about what you may want to add to your unique guard booth build check out our blog on features you should consider for a well-equipped guard shack.

Appealing to Potential Prospectors

For residential communities, a guard booth represents protection and safety. A customized guard booth designed for your development can not only protect you and your equipment in the midst of construction but can help attract potential residents of your development once completed. Enhanced safety measures, such as installing a guard booth, can act as a safety for your property and encourage consumers to be more interested in your community.

“The comings and goings of the neighborhood are monitored which tends to make people feel safer about living in a gated community than they would in a typical neighborhood. These areas tend to have low crime rates which can confirm the feeling that these are safe neighborhoods.” – APM

homeowners protected by custom design guard booths

Gated communities give residents peace of mind when purchasing a home. Additionally, it provides a sense of the community being “high-end” and can even lead to higher profits from sales.


Security booths can also offer incentives to businesses looking to purchase the land you are developing. Businesses want to protect their assets, therefore, offering built-in, enhanced security can become a selling factor to a business wanting to work with you.

Guard Buildings’ Custom Guard Booth Designs

At Guard Buildings, we understand the importance of creating a guard booth that fits not only your developments’ needs, but your wants for it as well. Guard Buildings is the national leader when it comes to customized guard shacks. Whether it be for a business, a residential community, or a campus, we are ready to design your perfect guard booth.

Our guard booths are built to comply with the highest industry standards and can work to fulfill any specific code requirement you or your company may need.

Your wait for the perfect guard booth is over! Give us a call at (919)413-7395, email us at, or contact us here to get a free quote.