Why a Blast-Resistant Structure May Be a Good Investment

Are you in the market for a guard shack building? It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety of available options. From size to material, aesthetics, and functionality, with so many factors to weigh in, buyers often come to us at Guard Buildings with a long list of questions to make sure that they are making the right decision. One of the most popular that we usually encounter is: Would a blast-resistant structure be a good investment for my business? Let us help you determine whether you should purchase a blast-resistant guard shack.


Understand the term Blast Resistant Correctly

blast-resistant structureLet’s first look into the term “blast-resistant”. What does it really mean?

A blast-resistant building is a durable structure designed to withstand ballistic attacks and protect the people inside. It features structural and non-structural components that can resist significant explosions or other hazardous events. In terms of standards, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has come up with different security levels that are applicable to bullet-resistant structures. These levels range from 1 to 8 with 8 being the highest level of security. To give you perspective, most civilian structures like local banks or convenience stores have their security needs covered at levels 1 to 3.

Does Your Business Need a Blast Resistant Structure?

To determine whether a blast-resistant structure would be a good investment for your business, you need to reflect on your different business needs. Take into consideration factors like your location, your security needs, your budget, and so on. Below are a few questions that we encourage our clients to ask themselves before investing in a new bullet-resistant guard shack for their building.

  • Where is your business located? Is it a high crime area?
  • What is the main purpose of the guard booth? Will you be storing any valuables in it?
  • Does the cost of a blast-resistant modular building fit into your budget?
  • Do your security staff often face volatile, dangerous situations?
  • How would you incorporate a blast-resistant structure into your plan in case of violent crimes?
  • How many of your security staff think their jobs would be safer by having a blast-resistant booth installed?

Reasons Why a Blast Resistant Structure May Be a Good Investment

blast-resistant structureIf you’ve decided that a blast-resistant guard booth is something that your business needs, let’s look into its benefits.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Staff safety should always be one of the top priorities of any organization. Especially when your business is located in an area where violent crimes are often committed, you should go the extra mile to decrease the level of risk that your security staff encounters daily. With a bullet-resistant structure, the likelihood of firearm-related injuries or death on your business property will be significantly lessened.

Deterring Potential Threats

Along with additional security equipment like sally ports and high-intensity lighting, a well-designed bullet-resistant structure can be intimidating enough from afar that it can make robbers and vandals think twice about entering your property. In addition, it provides the peace of mind that your staff and visitors need.

Facilitate Rescue and Recovery Operations

In cases where violence actually takes place and firearms are involved, your security staff can take advantage of the bullet-resistant booth and use it as an effective hideout spot. From there they can safely contact other security units or local enforcement for support. Cases like this may not happen very often, but when one takes place, a secure, blast-resistant structure will prove to be invaluable.

Guard Buildings – Your Trusted Guard Shack Building Manufacturer

From custom shacks and booths to bullet and blast-resistant structures, Guard Building has what it takes to satisfy your security demand. Meeting rigorous standards like the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone or UL 752 and NIJ 1 specifications, we pride ourselves on the quality works that we do. We also stand behind them by providing you with a full lifetime warranty on the frames of each product that you purchase from us.
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