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Tips for Planning Your University Parking Attendant Booths

Providing students with a safe environment is a key component in the overall success of any educational institution around the world. Among different many different security strategies and tactics, the importance of parking attendant booths on college campuses tends to be overlooked by school administrators. As a top parking attendant booth manufacturer, we strongly believe that this type of structure brings great value to universities and colleges by enhancing the overall level of security.

Why Parking Attendant Booths Play an Important Role in Improving Campus Safety

parking attendant boothSince the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, 320 people have been killed or injured by gunfire on college and university campuses in the U.S. That is why it is important to have attendant booths serving at security checkpoints throughout the school’s parking lots. Considering the heavy amount of traffic on college campuses, parking attendant booths allow you to monitor all the travels in and out of the facility. Depending on the level of your security needs, you can get attendant booths that are bullet and blast-resistant. In addition, they also provide a sense of customer service as visitors can come up to the booth and ask for directions or other information.

Tips for Planning Your University Parking Attendant Booths

Think About Your Traffic Volume

For most universities and colleges, the majority of parking on campus is for faculty, staff members, and off-campus students who commute to a campus primarily during business hours on weekdays. On top of that, there are stadiums open for sporting events and concerts where traffic can be particularly heavy. Therefore, it is important to record and carefully review the school’s parking occupancy data to determine the number of parking attendant booths that you should have. You should also consider the new facilities that will be constructed in the near future and estimate the number of attendant booths needed to control the amount of traffic at these new facilities.

Consult with Your Security Staff

parking attendant boothIt would be remiss if the security staff is not consulted with when the college is planning for parking attendant booths on campus. Below is a list of questions to discuss with your staff so that you will be able to find out how attendant booths can best support them in performing their job.

  • What are the current parking attendant booths on campus lacking?
  • How much space is needed to store equipment in the booth?
  • How important is it to have bullet-resistant booths?
  • What are your ideal added security features (sally ports, high-intensity lighting, surveillance camera, tinted window, etc.)?

Find a Reliable Supplier

It is advisable to thoroughly do your research to find a supplier that will take the time to learn about your security needs and what you hope to achieve with the new parking attendant booths. A reputable supplier or manufacturer will not only provide you with high-quality products but also suggest reasonable options that fit your needs and your budget. If they try to upsell you and talk you into installing unnecessary features, it is time for you to move on and find a new supplier.

At Guard Buildings, our parking attendant booths are constructed with metal side panels and welded structural frames. To offer an extra layer of protection, we offer bullet-resistant glass as an option to protect your security personnel from firearm incidents. Furthermore, we supply accessories like bollard posts, gate arms, extra lighting, and security cameras to meet your specific needs. Overall, we strive for excellence in everything that we do to bring you the best parking attendant booths in the market and enhance your campus safety.

Guard Buildings – Your #1 Parking Attendant Booth Manufacturer

Students’ safety should be among colleges’ and universities’ top priorities, and structures like parking attendant booths help increase the security level on all campuses across the country. That is why Guard Buildings is proud to be a top parking attendant booth manufacturer and to help enhance the protection that students, teachers, and staff members need.
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