Tips For Handling Holiday Guests and Security For Your Gated Community

Importance of Security For Your Gated Community During the Holidays

The holiday season is a high-energy and high-stress time for most people. Holiday events, parties, and hosting guests are just a few of the commitments added to our plates this time of year. Not to mention, we still have to cater to the everyday responsibilities that take place year-round. With all of the added pressures of the holiday season, the last thing homeowners need to be worried about is the security of their community. The stakes are higher during this time of year, but with a prefab guard shack from Guard Buildings, you will be able to rest easy at night knowing your community and residents are protected. We have compiled a list of security threats and ways to combat them in order for your HOA to effectively protect its residents.

Common Security Threats

While the holidays are meant to be carefree and joyous, unfortunately, security threats increase as criminals know it is a busy time and homeowners are more distracted, preoccupied, or out of town. Guard Buildings wants you and your community to be made aware of some potentially dangerous behavior to look out for and share with residents.

Theft is the most common threat residents may face during the holidays. People tend to order gifts online for the convenience factor. That being said, having a constant flow of packages being delivered to doorsteps in the community makes homes more vulnerable to thieves and porch pirates. HOA members and residents need to know how to protect themselves before a theft occurs.

Many residents chose to put up lights and other holiday décor pieces outside of their homes. Unfortunately, not everyone gets joy by simply admiring the decorations, but instead chooses to vandalize or steal them.

While many people are hosting guests during the holidays, others are visiting friends and family. Leaving your house unattended can make it a mark for trespassing. It is typically easy for trespassers to spot an empty home if effective security is not in place for keeping them out.

It is important to make your community aware of these potential threats before and during the holidays. By preparing residents, in addition to a prefab guard shack from Guard Buildings, the holidays can be spent focused on enjoying time with family and friends.


HOA Tips For Keeping Residents Safe in Your Gated Community

prefab guard shackMany community residents will be seeing an increased number of guests to their homes this time of year. Help your community stay safe and organized this holiday season by providing tips and procedures regarding the security protocol. Below you will find Guard Building’s list of things to consider implementing into your gated community.

Having directions available
Develop a procedure for guests entering and leaving the community. This will ensure a hassle-free process for the person hosting and the person visiting. Additionally, the community can monitor guests coming and going and have an easier time identifying unauthorized visitors.

The holiday season brings an increased number of gatherings and activities, that have the possibility of getting out of hand. Enforcing a curfew will keep unwanted people and activity off of the street past certain hours of the night.

Rules for parking on the street
Putting rules in place for guest parking will help to maintain a steady flow of traffic throughout the community. It also makes getting in and out easy and efficient in the case of an emergency.

Handling deliveries
With deliveries increasing during the holiday season, making sure the drivers coming through are authorized is critical. A prefab guard shack staffed with a security guard will keep the flow of delivery drivers smooth and safe to prevent suspicious individuals from entering the community.

For additional help in communicating with the residents of your community, check out these tips.


Benefits of Having a Prefab Guard Shack During The Holidays

prefab guard shackA prefab guard shack serves many purposes regarding the security of a community. Generally speaking, they allow a means of constant surveillance and behavior monitoring. Prefab shacks can be more affordable, custom-designed, and more efficient to install. Securing your community and residents is easy with Guard Buildings.

It is crucial to make the residents of your community aware of risk factors and how they can deal with them. With a prefab guard shack from Guard Buildings and a plan in place, you will be able to provide residents with the assurance they deserve this holiday season.

If you are looking to increase security for your gated community this holiday season, consider Guard Buildings. Give us a call at 919-413-7395 or contact us here.

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