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Summer Is Here, Is Your Theme Park Ready for The Crowds?

How Guard Shacks On Trailers Can Help Your Theme Park This Summer

Summer is here and theme parks are getting ready to welcome back guests! The health and safety of theme park guests has always been a top priority but it could not be more important after this past year. There are several new safety measures for theme park managers to consider for the summer of 2021. Guard buildings, shacks, and guard shacks on trailers could be the solution to enhancing your theme park’s security measures. Guard Buildings offers high quality and fully customizable guard buildings that can be sent to you in as little as two days after ordering. Learn more about Guard Buildings’ services and designs here!

Security Changes

The world has been turned upside down by COVID-19 and theme parks are no exception. Changes have been made to just about every aspect of the theme park experience. Park managers have several new security measures to consider, as well as new security structures that can assist in managing the park. Thankfully, guard shacks come in all shapes and sizes and can be easily installed to provide more space for multiple purposes outside of security. Guard Buildings’ guard shacks on trailers can be fully customized to fit your budget and aesthetic needs.

Mobility is key for security of large venues and theme parks. Customized guard shacks on trailers offer your security staff the mobility to set up where most needed. This is especially critical when hosting events such as concerts or special events where large crowds will be in one place with multiple entrances.

Security Guard Shacks on TrailersCrowd control is a pillar of theme park security management, with even more emphasis placed on it now with lingering capacity limitations and physical distancing. Increasing discrete security presence in theme parks is one way to monitor crowds. Increased security presence comes with an increased need for security space. Guard shacks on trailers can easily be installed (and moved) to serve as break areas, monitoring stations, security storage, and more.

The heat of the summer months is a security risk on its own, so it might be wise to also increase locations where park guests can purchase cold drinks, cooling towels, hats, sunscreen, etc. or seek medical attention. Guard shacks can be used as temporary merchandise or food locations, “Help Desk” kiosks, or as First Aid centers. Guard shacks on trailers make it easier to provide guests with the safe and happy experience they want at a theme park!

Guard shacks also can provide benefits for theme park employees. Shacks can have air conditioning units so employees can stay cool while working in the summer sun. Guard shacks can serve as attraction entrance booths and parking attendant stations as well.

guard-shacks-on-trailersGuard Buildings Guard Shacks on Trailers

Guard Buildings provides affordable and flexible guard shack designs, perfect for your unique needs. There are several benefits to installing guard shacks in theme parks, for employees as well as guests. Some add-ons that could benefit theme park operations include:

  • Real Brick Exterior
  • Guard Shack on Trailer
  • Custom Roofing
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Camera Systems
  • Gate Arms
  • Built-In Restrooms
  • Sliding Windows

Guard Buildings guard shacks are created with high quality materials and comply with all US building codes. Guard shacks can be delivered within as little as two days in some cases. For more information, email us at sales@guard-buildings.com, call us at (919) 413-7395, or click here to request a quote for your guard shack building.