Toll Booths

Guard Buildings proudly manufactures Toll Booths to match any traffic requirement and to meet any vehicular security need.

In any situation where vehicles and money come together, personnel can be at risk, whether the situation occurs by accident or intentional design.

One of the best ways to protect your toll collectors from the dangers posed by moving traffic or by accepting payments is to house them in toll booths. These secure buildings are designed to stand strong against the forces of collisions, bullets, and even blasts.

Guard Buildings will build toll booths and other such structures for you, install bulletproof, panoramic windows for maximum visibility while shielding inhabitants from assault, and ship these structures directly to you, ready for setup.

All of our modular toll booths are prefabricated with metal side panels and welded structural frames. We ship to you intact for easy installation. We’ll even supply bollards, gate arms and security cameras to your specifications to facilitate your process.