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Though the task at hand might seem inherently simple, personnel in toll booths are dealing with money and moving traffic, both presenting many risks, whether accidental or intentional. Protect toll booth attendants by giving them a safe workspace: a quality toll booth. Guard Buildings is a toll booth manufacturer that builds structures with panoramic windows for maximum visibility.These secure buildings are designed to stand strong against the forces of collisions, inclement weather, bullets, and even blasts.

Guard Buildings proudly manufactures toll booths to match any traffic requirement and to meet any vehicular security need.

  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Bullet and Blast Resistant Options Available
  • USA Manufactured

Quality is Standard, Features are Customizable

All our modular toll booths are prefabricated with metal side panels and welded structural frames. Our team will work with you for a quick turnaround and professional shipping directly to you.We can accommodate your requests,supplying accessories such as bollard posts, gate arms, and security cameras to your specifications so that you receive a product that best fits your unique needs.

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One of the more important aspects of a toll booth attendant’s job is to keep the flow of traffic moving. That’s what we at Guard Building want to help you do. With our knowledgeable and helpful team, count on a quick turnaround and fast shipping when you work with Guard Buildings. Trusted by a wide variety of industries, our buildings offer protection, longevity, durability, and affordability with our price match guarantee. Reach out to us today for a smooth and easy process of getting the toll booth you need.

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