Parking Attendant Booths

Guard Buildings manufactures Parking Attendant Booths and Valet Huts to your specifications

In the parking industry, the valet process can be more involved that simply accepting payment from drivers. Valets and parking lot attendants are put at risk by moving vehicles that do not belong to them, and by the potential for robbery.

One way to provide parking personal with an extra level of protection during their time on duty is to house them in parking booths- strong buildings designed to withstand the forces of collision, bullets, and even blasts.

Guard Buildings not only will build such structures for you, but we’ll install bulletproof glass to shield your employed inhabitants inside these parking booths from assault.

All of our parking booths are constructed with metal side panels and welded structural frames. We ship our units to you intact for easy installation. We’ll even supply bollards, gate arms and security cameras to your specifications to facilitate your process.

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