Gate Houses

Guard Buildings manufactures Gate Houses to match any design and meet any security need.

Gate Houses serve many purposes, not the least of which are first impressions. The best-built gate houses are solid and secure, yet architecturally attractive enough to ensure a pleasant welcome. Providing friendly but secure entrance points for authorized visitors and residents, protecting property from illicit intruders, or collecting fees should all come into play when planning gatehouse construction.

With this in mind, Guard Buildings constructs entry booths with the same level of strong metal construction and welded framing as our guard shacks. We’ll upgrade for high wind velocity – Miami-Dade compliant – and greater ballistic and blast protection upon request. We customize exteriors and interiors to the design requirements and comfort needs of the parks, residential communities, private homes and business / government organizations that we serve.

We build the units for you – as many as you need – and ship to you intact for easy installation. We’ll even supply bollards, gate arms and security cameras to your specifications to facilitate the installation process.