Custom Shacks & Booths

As a Custom Guard House Manufacturer, Guard Buildings will build to your exact design vision, specifications and security requirements. Whatever kind of security booth or guard shack you are looking for, we can customize it!

We can easily and cost effectively construct any guard house, attendant booth or weather shelter with any exterior finish in any size. We will adapt the guard house structure to specific code and security requirements including high wind velocity, seismic, ballistic, blast, and ADA. We also provide unique interior features such as special lighting and wiring, networking, HVAC and restrooms. We even supply the bollards and gate arms for your guard house, if you need them. All buildings are available in one, two and three hour fire ratings and are built around impact resistant, welded metal, all structural frames.

Guard Shacks That Offer Quality And Protection

Guard Buildings, Your Guard Shacks Premium Builder

When planning for the security of your business, residential community or organization, guard shacks offer your first and most critical line of protection. At Guard Buildings, we understand the strategic planning and important decision making that goes into choosing the right guard shack for your unique needs.

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Commercial Guard Shacks For Fortune 500 Companies, Businesses and Government Organizations

For companies, as well as local, state and federal organizations, guard shacks play a critical role in formulating a business continuity plan that provides for the safety and protection of employees, visitors and business assets. Guard Buildings offers solutions that meet these needs in several ways assuring the highest security and construction standards. Yet also offers esthetic value to your commercial property.

Residential Communities’ Guard Shacks

For many residential communities and HOAs, burglaries and home invasions are a potential risk for residents. Homes and cars offer easy targets for criminals. Guard shacks can play an important role in bringing a sense of peace to families in your gated community. Guard Buildings offers solutions that provide security from the weather elements for your security team and offer many levels of functionally and protection for serving the community.

Our Guard Shacks’ Construction Standards Make Us Stand Out

For over 30 years Guard Buildings has been constructing guard shacks for clients throughout the United States and Canada. Believing that safety for those in our buildings is the most critical component, we use only the highest-quality materials in our construction. We NEVER use wood!

In addition, all of our guard shacks meet the toughest building codes in the country including the Miami-Dade High Velocity Wind Zone requirements. Guard Buildings is one of only three companies in the world that can meet these rigorous standards. And, we offer a full lifetime warranty on the frames of our guard shacks to stand behind it.

Some of the Optional Features Guard Buildings’ Guard Shacks Offer

  • Bullet Resistance
  • Blast Resistance
  • Pre-engineered to Your Needs and Resistance Requirements
  • Real Brick Exterior
  • Custom Roofing
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Advanced Security
  • Camera Systems
  • Gun Ports
  • Quick Ship Structures
  • Guard Shacks on Trailers
  • Bollards
  • Gate Arms
  • Built-in Restrooms
  • Extra Doors
  • Sliding Windows
  • Enhanced Desk Space
  • All Guard Buildings Sizes
  • Constructed from Scratch
  • Standard Prices
bullet resistant guard booth

Why Guard Buildings' Guard Shacks?

Call Guard Buildings: A Toll Booth Manufacturer Ready to Help

Whether for your company or your community, Guard Buildings has customized guard shacks' solutions that can fit your unique needs perfectly. Constructed to the highest industry standards, built to meet all U.S. building codes and offering features that provide safety and comfort, we can deliver your guard building in most cases within 2 days after deposit.

*Lead times may apply on special features such as bullet and blast resistant guard houses, real brick exterior, custom roofing or cosmetic enhancements, advanced security and camera systems, and gun ports, etc.

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