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Outdoor ATM enclosures make the transaction a better experience for the user, which can potentially increase the usage of an ATM. Enclosure surrounds provide privacy and security; these factors make your customers feel more protected and secure during transactions. Additionally, outdoor enclosures offer shelter, increasing the ease of use during inclement weather and adverse conditions. Protect your customers and make your place of business a safe and enjoyable place to make transactions—ATM security enclosures make a difference, and Guard Buildings is the ATM enclosure supplier ready to make that difference for you. All this and so much more, we’re the ATM enclosure company so many industries count on.

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Guard Buildings is a manufacturer with decades of experience. We prioritize providing quality structures and customer service designed to make your job easier. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is passionate about serving businesses, helping them find the perfect structure for their long-term plans at a price point that fits their budget. That’s why we offer a price match guarantee—to help your businesses moving forward. Our highly rated products for sale come with a lifetime warranty on welded steel or aluminum frames and a one-year warranty on the entire building.

Places That Benefit from ATM Security Enclosures


Entertainment Venues

Gas Stations


Public Areas


Retail Stores

And More

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As a trusted and experienced ATM enclosure manufacturer, we want to help equip your business with a product perfect for your operations. Our high standards are sure to match your long-term goals with this investment.

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