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Unlike our competitors, we don’t have limited options when it comes to “Quick Ships” – We have the best lead time in the industry. We have all sizes of guard houses available — Everything from a 4×4 to a 14×14 and every permutation of sizes in between (7×9, 6×8, 8×8, 9×5, 7×3.5, or however you’d like it!) will be priced at “Standard” prices, and ship in 2 full business days from the time we receive the deposit.

Many of our competitors offer “standard” prices on, say, our 4×6 guard houses, but if you want a 4×7 you’re paying 3x as much and suffering through a 3-6 week lead time, because this size is somehow “custom” – We build all our buildings, guard houses, and frames from scratch, so they’re all equally as difficult for us.

The only things that increase our lead time and put us in the “Custom” category is if you’d like special features, such as bullet and blast resistant guard houses, a real brick exterior, custom roofing or cosmetic enhancements, advanced security and camera systems for your guard houses, gun ports, etc.

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