Our Structural Metal Frames

Every quick-ship or custom designed unit constructed by Guard Buildings is engineered with a welded, all structural steel or aluminum frame & base. All of our external side panels are likewise made of steel or aluminum, and insulated to reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as provide some additional protection.

Guard Buildings constructs a welded all metal structural frame for every unit. Amazingly, we are able to provide units with this extra security and durability to our customers at the same level of pricing as many of our competitors’ more flimsily constructed units.

  • No one else delivers this caliber of quality at anywhere near our prices. We guarantee it.
  • Why are our Structural Frames the Better Choice?
  • Life teaches us that anything can happen, anywhere, at anytime.

Bear with us as we imagine this scenario;
Imagine sheltering people inside a cardboard box during a blizzard or heavy rainstorm. Imagine the same box being rushed by a crowd, hit by a car or truck, rocked by an earthquake, or attacked by people of ill intent. In most cases, within the blink of an eye, a cardboard box would be flattened like a pancake. The flattening occurs not because it’s made of cardboard, but because of its weak construction: four side panels and a top and bottom that are folded and glued together. The box has no structural frame, so it remains, in effect, no stronger than a simple house of cards.

How Does the Cardboard Box Scenario Translate to Prefab Modular Buildings?
To be sure, guard houses, weather shelters, and attendant booths are rarely made of cardboard.

However, similar to the way cardboard boxes are made, many guard house manufacturers will simply bolt the side panels together and add a few struts to make the unit stand up straight.

(Live examples of competitors with the inferior method?)

Unfortunately, struts, nuts and bolts are not enough to prevent collapse under pressure.


“Moment Resistance” is All that Matters in Situations of Force
To remain genuinely strong, safe, and durable in most conditions of high force, a prefab unit needs a welded metal frame.
Welding, the melting together of two metal sections, is the key. Welds create permanent bonds between multiple parts. The result is a single unit, a whole metal framework that will never slip or collapse at the joints. No screws or braces or adhesives that will deteriorate over time.

(Picture of competitor’s after 5 years)
Guard Buildings’ structural metal frames with welded joints are specially designed to withstand most “moments” of force, including hurricane speed winds, tidal surges, and the powerful energy released during seismic events. Even if a unit topples from its foundation or trailer mount, it will roll without collapsing due to the strength of the frame.

Better yet, all of our buildings include metal side panels, as well, to create even greater levels of protection. Guard Buildings can even customize units to special levels of strength to better withstand ballistic and blast events in high-risk areas.

In fact, the only force that could melt through one of our welded steel structures would have to occur above 1370°C (2500°F), a temperature that is higher than the temperature of volcanic lava, and far, far higher than the heat of a bullet in flight.

For even more protection, Guard Buildings offers armored units built to specific ballistic and blast resistant requirements. Click to Learn more.