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Staying Mobile Is Key for Your Event Security

Guard Shacks on Trailers, Keeping Your Team Where They Need To Be

Whether you’re hosting a concert, sporting event, trade show, or any other event, providing sufficient security is imperative to keeping your guests and staff safe. At any public event, there is always a risk for something to go wrong, but there are ways you can prepare to reduce risk and any potential harm. Emergency preparation, strong communication, and versatile guard shacks on trailers from Guard Buildings can help boost your event security.

Nationwide, pandemic restrictions are slowly lifting, meaning in-person events will finally be returning. With the prospective rise of live events over the summer, the Department of Homeland Security has posted a bulletin advising for heightened security at events. Keeping your security mobile and prepared is important for staying safe. Here are some ways to increase security and safety at your upcoming event.

Tips for Mobile Security at Events

  • Create an Emergency Plan – Preparation is key when it comes to ensuring guest and staff safety, so make sure you have a clear and precise plan in place. Practicing and reviewing this plan will ensure all staff members are prepared in case of an emergency. Here are some things to consider when it comes to making your emergency plan:
    • Are all exits clearly marked and pathways clear?
    • How will you evacuate guests?
    • Where will your staff meet?
    • How will staff communicate with each other and guests?
    • Is there a designated safe spot for your staff?
  • Keep Security Visible – Visible security measures, like security staff and guard shacks, help guests at your event know that security and safety are a priority. These security measures will help guests know where they can go for help and even deter potential threats. Mobile guard shacks on trailers are a great option to provide a visible security measure. Guard shacks on trailers provide a versatile and customizable security option as they can be moved anywhere to accommodate your security needs. This means they can be arranged to fully cover any size event and adapt along with your safety needs. They can serve as a security screening checkpoint or a centralized hub for your security personnel. Mobile guard shacks can be customized to be blast and bullet-resistant, ensuring the security of your team.
  • Communication is Key – Good communication is critical during an emergency. Keeping communication up with staff and guests during an emergency will help operations flow more smoothly and effectively. pre-engineered-house-outsideWalkie-talkie or radio communication is a great way to keep your team connected. During your event preparation, ensure all of your staff know their roles in an emergency situation.
  • Keep the Parking Secure – While safety inside your event will always be a top priority, providing security outside your venue will help guests feel more secure. With the option to station mobile guard shacks on trailers anywhere, you can provide your guests with peace of mind by using a guard shack as parking security. While your guests are enjoying your event, they can feel more secure knowing their cars and valuables are being monitored.

Ready to Mobilize Your Event Security with Guard Shacks on Trailers?

bulletproof guard houseAt Guard Buildings, we manufacture high-quality pre-engineered modular structures such as guard shacks, gatehouses, bus shelters, parking attendant booths, toll booths, and ATM enclosures that meet even the toughest and most rigorous building codes in the country. We also offer a full lifetime warranty on the frames and can match any competitors’ quotes.

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