Shipping & Installation


At Guard-Buildings, we have the resources to get you the best freight rate available due to the volume we ship and the number of carriers we use. Our shipping locations take advantage of good shipping lanes with the number of trucks looking for loads exceeding available loads. Whenever possible we ship closed van for lower rates. If you would like a freight quote give Guard-Buildings a call or e-mail and a customer service representative will get you the best available rate. We just need your zip code.

Off Loading

Your new pre-assembled building is intended to be lifted by standard forklift or top-lifted with straps and spreader. Permanent forklift pockets are optional if you will be moving the building frequently. Trailer mounted buildings are also available. Crane lifting lugs are an option, too. If your building was not ordered with crane lifting lugs and you are using a crane, use a spreader bar to avoid damage from the lifting straps. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing during the ordering process, off-loading, set up and connection to utilities is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Code Compliance designs its pre-assembled buildings to meet or exceed National Building Codes, IBC (International Building Code), IFC (International Fire Code) NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), IPC (International Plumbing Code) and NEC (National Electrical Code).

By special request, we also build to weather, earthquake and ADA code.

Some states and municipalities have their own code variations. It is impossible for any manufacturer to keep up with all government entity variations. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the owner or purchaser to verify code compliance with us prior to construction.


Anchor clips are welded to the building in a manner that accommodates anchors (NOT INCLUDED). If you are anchoring by some other method that would cause the clips to be placed in a different location just let us know. If you are not setting the building on a concrete pad, you may use earth auger anchors and straps or some other approved device.