Security Booth Options & Information

At Guard-Buildings, we provide the highest quality security booth for various types of industries. We have been producing pre-fabricated guard booths for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, military, residential, educational, municipal and transportation customers for over 23 years. Our security booth provide the strength, safety and comfort your staff needs to effectively perform their job. Each of our products comes with friendly personalized service, our goal is to make sure our customers’ expectations are met and exceeded.

Security Booth Standard, Custom and Options

There are few companies out there that have more selection and options than Guard-Buildings. We have 4’x4’ all the way up to 14’x40’ in our standard security booth sizes. Our custom guard booths have more options that can help address any unique needs your company may have. We have standard options with quick turnaround and fast delivery, and we have completely custom options that allow you to work with our engineers to get exactly what you are looking for. Some security booth options available are:

  • Bullet resistant
  • Blast resistant
  • Hurricane resistant (Florida Hurricane code compliant)
  • Earthquake resistant
  • HVAC system options
  • Special electrical wiring
  • Restrooms
  • Bollards
  • Gate arm
  • Porch
  • 1,2 and 3 hour fire ratings

Security Booth Pricing

It is impossible to have a pricing sheet for all of our standard and custom built guard booths. However, you can be confident our in-house electrical, structural and mechanical engineers will quickly, carefully and cost-effectively produce your security booth. In-house fabricating, design and engineering allows us to pass along the savings to you. For more information about guard booth pricing and to get a quote today, call 888-862-1293 or fill out the form below.

For more information about our company and all of the options we provide, browse through the rest of our website here.