Parking Attendant Booth

Guard-Buildings provides portable guard and parking attendant booth options for companies who need the flexibility of mobile guard, ticket or attendant booths. Guard-Buildings develops pre-fabricated portable guard booths for clients who need mobile units for jobsite security, concerts, event parking, etc. The versatility and options our booths provide, make us one of the best portable guard building companies out there. Our goal is to provide awesome customer service with our products to make sure all needs are met. We will work relentlessly to assure customer satisfaction.

Portable Options

Guard-Buildings provides multiple options. Your portable parking attendant booth can be built on a trailer or designed to be moved by forklift. Our trailer options are extremely capable of whatever you throw at them. Whether it is for security personnel, a ticket booth or attendant hut, we can custom build it on a trailer that fits your unique needs. We can custom build your portable parking attendant booth for amphibious use, rough terrain or highway speeds, so nowhere is out of your operation realm. Some other options available are:

  • HVAC system options
  • ┬áBullet resistant
  • Blast resistant
  • Special electrical wiring
  • Restrooms
  • Bollards
  • Gate arms
  • Porch
  • 1,2 and 3 hour fire ratings

Portable Parking Attendant Booth Pricing

Many different options and features are available when designing and building our portable versions. This makes it impossible to have a fully comprehensive price list associated with our products. However, all of our work is done in-house, so you can be assured your booth is being built with quality and cost-effectiveness in mind. For more information about pricing on your portable parking attendant booth and to get a quote today, call 888-862-1293 or fill out the form below.

To learn more about our company and all of the options we provide, browse through the rest of our website here.