Bullet Resistant Guard Shack Enclosures

Bulletproof structures are crucial to the health and safety of security personnel and other workers whose jobs naturally put them in compromised situations.Guard-Buildings has your back when it comes to bullet resistant guard shack enclosures. Protecting your employees and keeping them comfortable is the highest priority. You want to make sure you have a building that is going to get that job done. We have been providing quality bullet resistant guard shack enclosures for security personnel for over 23 years. Our booths are priced to fit within your budget, while still including high quality materials and construction to provide the protection, durability and comfort to you need.


Guard-Buildings provides armored, bullet and blast resistant guard shack enclosures to meet your specifications. Our bullet resistant guard shack enclosures have options for doors, windows, roof and wall protection that meets UL 752 and NIJ 1 specs. We provide various levels of resistance in our booths, including coverage for resistance levels 1-8 in most booths. Our standard options have quick turnaround, while our fully custom options provide the chance for you to work with our engineers to build the exact booth you need.

The accessories you’d expect on a bulletproof building plus more: That’s what you’ll get from Guard Buildings. Most of these specialty options can also be included in your bullet resistant guard shack enclosures:

  • Sally ports
  • Fixed cameras
  • High intensity lighting
  • HVAC system
  • PTZ cameras
  • Bollards

Pricing for Bullet Proof Guard Shack Enclosures

You may be shopping around for great pricing on bulletproof structures. Our bullet and blast resistant buildings are priced to benefit your business, keeping your operations safe and secure.

The various options and levels of resistance make it difficult to price all booth options. However, you can be sure our in-house engineers will methodically and cost-effectively create your booth to your required specs. Our in-house engineering and fabricating process allows us to pass along the savings to you. To learn more about pricing for bullet resistant guard shack enclosures and to get a quote today, call 919-413-7395 or fill out the form below.

For more information about our company, our products and all of the options we provide, browse through the rest of our website here.