protect yourself this halloween

Curbing Halloween Madness For Your Gated Community

Halloween is almost here – the time of year where we want to get bragging rights for having the spookiest decorations and to be known as the house with the best candy on the block! However, it is also that time of year when some people plan on doling out tricks rather than treats and running amok under the cover of masked, night-time anonymity. Thankfully, we at Guard Buildings, have the perfect tips and guard shacks to keep your gated community safe this Halloween. Here are some tips to share with your gated community ahead of the fun.

Liven Up Your Spooky Oasis

Whether community members are home or out taking their little monsters trick or treating, there are provisions they can take to protect the homes in your community from looking abandoned on Halloween night. The overall goal of livening up the homes at night is to make it look like people are home. This discourages thieves, vandals, and pranksters.

In order to do this try, advise your residents to :home protection at night

  • Keep Their Shades and Curtains Drawn
  • Use Timers to Light Their Homes at Different Times
  • To Leave One or Two TV’s On

Furthermore, it is important to maintain a well-lit outside atmosphere around the homes AND the community.

Residents can achieve this by:

  • Keeping Their Porch Lights On
  • Using Motion Lighting Throughout Their Front and Back Yards
  • Having Ring Cameras on Their porches

Gated Communities and HOAs can achieve this by:

  • Having Well Lit Walkways
  • Encouraging Trick or Treaters to wear reflective clothing while out
  • Having Neighborhood Security out with flashlights

Each of these will help make the homes in your community less attractive to potential thieves, out of fear of being caught or seen.

Extinguish Fire Hazards

Using real flames in Halloween decorations such as pumpkins and spooky candles may feel like the icing on the cake to homeowners in your community, but it adds an unnecessary element of risk. According to the National Fire Protection Association,

“Decorations are the first thing to ignite in roughly 800 reported home fires each year. More than one-third of these fires were started by a candle”.

For more Halloween fire safety tips visit the NFPA website.

Parties, Parties, Parties

Many residents in gated communities find Halloween the ideal time to get together. As a Community or HOA Board, you may wish to offer some guidelines for residents on throwing parties. Some of the topics to discuss are:

  • Curfews for neighborhood children and teens.
  • Parking Rules.
  • Guest Checkin Procedures with your Community Security.
  • Noise Ordinances.
  • How to Reach Community Security if there is an Emergency.

As a community, you may wish to schedule a “Trunk or Treat” or Community Party for residents both children and adults that can be organized t and planned to be safe and fun as well as carefully monitored by your community security team.

Special Note: Many gated communities offer maps that show residents who are offering trick or treat activities.

Set Up a Neighborhood Watch and a Guard Shack In Your Gated Community

Community Residents

The best way to protect your gated community is by creating internal security to dissuade any Halloween tricksters, pranksters, vandals, or thieves. You can communicate with your neighbors and create a temporary, informal neighborhood watch to protect your community this Halloween. This can protect your community from people, natural disasters, and more. Halloween brings newcomers to your neighborhood, increasing the likelihood of accidents or new problems to handle. If you are looking out for your neighbors and they are looking out for you, it creates a more difficult atmosphere for accidents and thefts to guard building guard shack for protecting your community

Community Security

Halloween is a wonderful time of fun but requires security to assure both residents and guests are safe. Take the extra step of installing a guard shack within your gated community to enable you and your residents to quickly alert security, ensuring a rapid response. A guard shack and a security guard will help keep the homes in your community protected by offering trained eyes to look out for anything suspicious.

At Guard Buildings, we offer an array of different types of guard shacks to help keep your community safe.

Prepare Yourself for Halloween Opportunists

Protecting yourself on Halloween comes with preparation. Do you have a game plan? A way to deal with Halloween opportunists? You would be surprised at the number of people looking to score different types of treats on Halloween – expensive, stolen treats. Furthermore, vandalism makes its claim to fame on Halloween.

“Halloween had the highest number of claims for any day by 81%. The average cost per claim on Halloween was $1,660, which is approximately 9 percent higher than the annual daily average cost per claim.” – APCI

Whether it be car break-ins, burglary or vandalism – Halloween shenanigans can be costly to both your gated community and residents.

Protect Your Gated Community With a Guard Shack

Overall, preparing for the worst can be overwhelming. The best way to prevent crime in your gated community is by having an onsite security guard or team housed in a guard shack that fits into the community design but offers the latest features for your security team. Guard Buildings offers custom designs, which allows our guard shacks to acclimate to the design of your community. Furthermore, we offer shipping and installation to create the easiest experience possible for our consumers.

Guard Buildings are ready to make your community safer. Set up a guard shack in your community. Give us a call at (919) 413-7395, email us at sales@guard-buildings, or contact us here.