New School Year Ahead, Is Your College Campus Ready For A Post-Covid Return To Life?

Get Back-to-School Ready with a Parking Attendant Booth from Guard Buildings

The Fall semester is just around the corner! With COVID restrictions lifting, more students and staff will be returning to in-person, on-campus classes. While preparing your campus for the return of in-person classes and activities, it’s important to consider your parking deck and lot needs. A parking attendant booth from Guard Buildings could be the parking solution you are looking for!

From dorms, classes, clubs, activities, and sports, there is going to be a huge increase in the number of people on campus this semester. Many universities across the nation have planned for a return to full in-person operations for the Fall 2021 semester. This means that most students will most likely be on-campus full-time. Colleges, especially those with a large number of commuter students, should start preparing now for the arrival of students and staff on campus in the fall.

Students and Staff Back on Campus

parking-attendant-boothWith the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the CDC updating their guidelines for colleges and universities, the Fall 2021 semester will see more students and staff back on campus. Students and staff who are fully vaccinated, and where federal and state laws allow, will not be required to wear a mask or practice social distancing. This means that class sizes can be closer to their full capacity, a number of on-campus activities can resume as normal, and regular dorm life can begin again. With all of this increased activity, your campus parking lots and decks are going to be full.

Luckily, the slower summer semester is the perfect time to make some upgrades before your campus is back at full capacity for the fall. Implementing improvements now will allow you and your staff to work out any kinks and find the best way to operate. On-campus parking can be stressful for students, especially those who commute, but there are measures you can put in place to make the process more streamlined and safe. With a parking attendant booth, you can help provide your student and staff with a safe and organized parking system for your parking decks and lots.

Dorm Parking

parking attendant boothThis school year, dorms will be allowed to operate at full capacity for vaccinated students. While students are living on campus, they might need easy access to their cars to get to work, internships, go shopping, or visit home. A parking attendant booth located in your dorm parking areas can make it easier to check parking passes, ensuring that only students with passes can park there and that the lot does not overflow. A parking attendant booth can also help keep your students’ possessions safe.


Visual security measures, like a parking attendant booth, security guards, and visible security cameras, can help to deter break-ins and theft.


Sports and Event Parking

With sports, activities, and events back in full swing, there is sure to be an increased number of visitors to your campus. Game day parking and traffic can be a hassle, but a parking attendant booth can help organize some of that chaos. A parking attendant can help to direct parking traffic and maintain a proper flow of cars easing some of the on-street congestion and parking lot confusion. An attendant can help ensure cars are parked properly and keep the lot organized.

Student Commuters

Many campuses have a large, and growing, population of student commuters who need a place to park. The last thing a student wants is to be late to class because they could not find a parking space. With a parking attendant booth, the flow of traffic can be optimized and help save students time. Parking attendants can also be stationed at commuter lots to ensure students are parking in the correct lot and check parking passes.

Help Prepare your College Campus Parking for Fall 2021

parking-attendant-boothAt Guard Buildings, we manufacture high-quality pre-engineered modular structures such as guard shacks, gatehouses, bus shelters, parking attendant booths, toll booths, and ATM enclosures that meet even the toughest and most rigorous building codes in the country. We also offer a full lifetime warranty on the frames and can match any competitors’ quotes.

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