Strength, Protection, and Comfort for Your Personnel

Hiring security personnel is a very selective process, investing only in candidates who are qualified and excel at what they do. At Guard Buildings, we understand how important security is in what you do, and the guards who fulfill the position are just as vital. That's why we offer durable and protective security guard buildings—to keep your facilities and personnel safe to best protect your business.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Welded Steel or Aluminum Frames
  • One-Year Warranty on the Entire Building
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Guaranteed to Meet Code and Pass Inspection*

*As long as we're made aware of the requirements before.

Fast Turnaround, Easy Installation

As a dedicated and passionate team, we are committed to making this process seamless for you and your business. Through friendly and personalized service, Guard Buildings is among the highest rated in the industry for our leading customer service and high-quality products built for the long-term. Many models manufactured by Guard Buildings can be delivered in two days. Though engineered with functionality and durability in mind, our structures can be assembled quickly and easily by a professional crew so that you can quickly secure your facilities.

Our Products

Guard Buildings

Bullet and Blast Resistant Structures

ATM Enclosures

Bus Shelters

Toll Booths

Parking Attendant Booth

A Building Fit for Your Needs

Guard Buildings is a team of specialists ready to make your vision a reality. We offer in-house structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering to cost-effectively construct any building for any condition with any special requirements you need. We’ll also customize to any design request, providing a wide range of exterior finishes, HVAC, special wiring, special lighting, restrooms, porch overhangs, bollard posts, and gate arms.

The Durability You Need, The Versatility You Want

Guard Buildings manufactures pre-engineered and prefabricatedstructures for guardhouses and attendant booths, serving as weather shelters for military, manufacturing, commercial, residential, educational, parks, transportation, and municipal customers.
All our buildings are available in one-, two-, and three-hour fire ratings. In addition to standard-sized booths, Guard Buildings can custom construct buildings with features for bullet, blast, hurricane, and earthquake resistance. Our structures are pre-assembled with steel or aluminum panels over welded, all structural frames, with one of two types of construction:

  1. Sandwich type featuring steel or aluminum facings with a polystyrene insulating core
  2. One-piece urethane core buildings with aluminum or steel facings for the most demanding conditions, including Florida Hurricane code.

The Guard Buildings Standards

Founded in 1990, our goal is to manufacture quality and functional guard shack buildings that meet all building codes. Our structures minimize visual obstructions, are well-insulated, meet ADA compliance, and use no wood for best long-term use. Our products also meet the Miami-Dade High Velocity Wind Zone requirements, which is an incredibly strict standard that ensures durability. As one of the few manufactures that meets these high standards, we offer a lifetime warranty on the frames of our security guard buildings.

Make the Safe Choice

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Guard Buildings LLC in Macon, GA, is a passionate and dedicated team ready to equip your facilities and security personnel with the perfect solution that fits your needs. With expertly engineered buildings all with friendly and quick service, let our knowledgeable team help provide a security guard building that meets and exceeds your standards.

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