guard shacks on trailers

Mobility is Key for Proactive Municipal Emergency Management

Guard Shacks on Trailers Means Being There Before The Emergency Happens

Innovative municipal emergency management has proven to be extremely important in recent years. Mobile solutions for local, state, and federal emergency responses have been key in terms of disaster response, health crises, and law enforcement. One major aspect of this new mobility management tactic is guard shacks on trailers. Guard shacks are perfect for temporary and quick response needs with an endless list of customizations and fast assembly time. Guard Buildings has supplied high-quality guard houses for a wide variety of businesses over the past 23 years.


Guard Shacks & Emergency Response

The Five Steps of Emergency Management are prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Mobility is a key component to each of these steps for effective emergency management. The correct equipment is required to prevent, prepare, and respond to emergency situations. Guard shacks on trailers provide several benefits to municipal emergency response management, from local government needs all the way up to federal response needs.

Here are a few ways guard shacks on trailers can help in municipal emergency management.

  • Temporary or Permanent Structures: It can be hard to determine how long an emergency response area will need to be set up. Some situations require a permanent structure while others need the ease of mobility that comes with temporary structures. Guard shacks on trailers are a perfect blend of both. For example, if there is a wildfire that requires a more permanent setup than firetrucks, a guard shack can be driven in and setup as a temporary basecamp location. As the wildfire moves, the guard shack can also be moved. Once the wildfire is put out and the guard shack is no longer needed, it is easy to roll it away to storage or a new location.
  • Easy to Move: As mentioned above, the ease of mobility that comes with guard shacks on trailers is essential for emergency response. For weather-related emergencies or situations where the state or federal government needs to send in reinforcements, guard shacks on trailers are an easy way to establish structures in areas that need help temporarily. Guard shacks on trailers can be moved quickly for situations that need immediate assistance.
  • Safety Features: Guard shacks on trailers are a sturdier solution to municipal response management. Tents can be damaged easily and need to be fully disassembled in order to move. Guard shacks on trailers are durable and ready to go at any time. With endless customizations, guard shacks on trailers can serve as hurricane resistant structures, emergency medical facilities, and emergency law enforcement structures. The personalized safety features on the guard shack will help keep all parties as safe as possible during emergency situations.

Guard Buildings Guard Shacks on Trailers

Guard shacks on trailers are a simple and affordable asset for multiple lines of business, but especially municipal emergency response management. Guard Buildings has over twenty years of experience working with military, municipal, and recreational businesses.

We are able to custom build guard houses to fit a wide variety of needs, including: 

  • Hurricane Resistance
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Bulletproof
  • Blast Resistant
  • Advanced Security
  • Air Conditioning
  • Camera Systems
  • Gun Ports
  • Built-In Restrooms

Guard Buildings guard shacks can be shipped all over the country in as little as two days after deposit. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen to become prepared. Prepare your law enforcement, healthcare workers, and emergency responders now.

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