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Blending Your Mountain Community Guard Shack into the Scenery

Security Is Important For Mountain Communities Seeking Investors, Buyers and Guests

Mountain properties are becoming, the ideal investment opportunity for land developers and residential owners seeking a second vacation home or airbnb. Nothing compares to the gorgeous mountain scenery or the stunning architecture of some of these mountain properties. Something that can however, quickly detract from the beauty of the scenery are structures that do not blend in-takeaway from the natural environment.

prefab guard house manufacturer-park-model-sideGuard houses provide important benefits to mountain gated communities, but unfortunately, they can stick out like a sore thumb if not customized to match the natural esthetics. Guard Buildings, the premier prefab guard house manufacturer, build and customize guard houses that blend seamlessly with the surrounding mountain scenery.

Benefits of Prefab Guard Houses

Whether you’re a gated mountain community, private resort, or land developer, a prefab guard house is a necessary addition to your property for important security and access control. Depending on your property needs, guard houses can be outfitted with any specific lighting, wiring, networking, HVAC, and restrooms.

Prefab Guard Houses…

  • Provide A Necessary Security Checkpoint: Prefab guard houses serve as a critical part of your mountain community’s security plan both at entry/exit ways and checkpoints within. As many mountain communities are planned to be within areas with limited access by the public and can be miles away from local emergency services, guard houses can play a very important role for security, fire, medical assistance, even wildlife issues. Customized prefab guard houses can be equipped with many security features designed to keep you, your guests, and your property safe.
  • Provide A Welcome Space: Prefab guard buildings buildings can be customized to serve as a great facility for hospitality as Welcome or Check-In points for guests arriving at your community. Larger guard houses can serve as a walk-in check-in space.

Blending In

prefab guard house manufacturer-mountain homesThe challenging part of having a guard house for any mountain community is getting it to blend in to the natural surroundings. A few ideas to consider when planning for your guard building are:


  • Exterior Paint: Natural colors like greens, browns, and blues will help your guard shack blend seamlessly into the natural backdrop. If the guard house is going to be paired with another building, opt for matching paint colors so the new building is clearly marked as a part of that property. If you’re looking to install guard houses in multiple locations around a mountain community, make sure all of the houses are painted the same colors (and have clear but non-distracting signage) so guests can locate them easily.
  • Landscaping: Intentional landscaping will help your guard houses to be visually appealing and blend into the natural surroundings. Adding native plants and bushes, using present trees as well as topographical elements such as rocks and boulders, will help the buildings to be less of a distraction while maintaining a security presence.
  • Lighting: Adding light fixtures that provide ambiance while offering safety is important, as many mountain communities may have limited street lighting. Small exterior lights that match the theme of the area will help approaching guests to locate security and checkin points after dark.

Guard Buildings Prefab Guard Houses

prefab guard house manufacturer-park-model-sliderGuard Buildings is the premier prefab guard house manufacturer, offering competitive prices and expansive shipping capabilities. We are committed to providing friendly, personalized service to all of our clients. We offer countless customizations for our buildings that can make your prefab guard houses fit perfectly into your resort, gated community or land development areas. Some of our customizations include special lighting, wiring, high wind velocity, ADA compliance, HVAC, restrooms, guard arms, and more.

The exterior of our structures can be fully customized to your exact design vision, specifications, and security requirements. Guard shacks can be easily constructed in any size with any exterior finish that accentuates the natural surroundings of your mountain community. Guard Buildings also efficiently delivers and installs our products.

Let’s get started on customizing your guard house today! Email us at, give us a call at (919)413-7395, or contact us here to request a quote.