ATM Outdoor Enclosure

Keeping Your Customers Safe With An ATM Outdoor Enclosure

For banks, credit unions, and entertainment venues, it’s always important to continually improve customer’s experience with ATM transactions. Many of these businesses have opted for ATM outdoor enclosures as they help significantly enhance their customers’ safety and satisfaction. If you are seeking to install one, we would like to offer you some advice for your consideration.


Why ATM Outdoor Enclosures Are Ideal for Businesses

ATM Outdoor EnclosureThere are many great benefits that come with an ATM outdoor enclosure, such as:

  • Increase a business’ security level
  • Provide customers with privacy and shelter in bad weather
  • Increase foot traffic and the value of the commercial building
  • Make customers feel safe and enjoyable, hence increase ATM usage

However, it can be challenging trying to navigate the market of ATM equipment and supplies. Therefore, we have come up with a list of factors to keep in mind when you’re looking to purchase an ATM outdoor enclosure for your business.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an ATM Outdoor Enclosure


Put yourself in your customers’ shoes when planning the location of your ATM enclosure. Below are our recommendations:

  • Steer clear of corners because they are blind spots that security cameras may not be able to cover
  • Avoid areas with shrubbery and bushes that can potentially obstruct views
  • Make sure that the location is handicap accessible
  • Choose an area with a fair amount of foot traffic and good lighting, especially at night


ATM Outdoor EnclosureThe material used to build the ATM outdoor enclosure are very important as it has to be sturdy enough to not only protect the customers but also the ATM machine inside, regardless of the weather conditions. Besides sturdiness, the material also needs to be rust-proof since the enclosure will be placed outside. At Guard Buildings, we recommend steel, preferably stainless, and aluminum.


Different businesses have different needs. Therefore, you have to find companies that are willing to work with you when it comes to customization. Details like the company logo and color on the enclosure should be thoroughly discussed. Will the enclosure be insulated for colder months? Do you want to have fans installed to keep customers cool during the summer? A good company will collaborate with you to come up with custom solutions that meet your business needs while maintaining the security level.


Guard Buildings – Your Go-To Business for Custom ATM Outdoor Enclosures

At Guard Buildings, we understand the values that an ATM outdoor enclosure can add to your business. With a well-made enclosure, you will be able to protect your customers and make your business a safe and enjoyable place to make transactions. As a leading ATM outdoor enclosure supplier, we’re committed to providing you with price match, quick turnaround, code compliance, and customization. Let us help you stand out from your competition and rise to the top,

For more information, please email us at or give us a call at (919) 413-7395. You can also request a quote for your next custom ATM enclosure here– we’ll be more than happy to assist you!