guard booth with a restroom

Creating A Guard Building Your Security Team Will Love!

The main goal in establishing an effective security guard team is to keep them safe, happy, and establish a trusting relationship with them. A great way to build trust with your security team is by showing them that you care about them, their safety, their comfort, and their overall happiness on the job. This could include providing your security team with a guard booth equipped with a restroom, bullet-resistant windows, and plenty of space.

Keeping Your Team Happy

guard booth with a restroomProviding your security team with a comfortable, high-security guard booth is a great way to show that you value them and their work. Employee satisfaction is more critical today than it has ever been. If you fail to show your security guard team that they are valued members of your business, there is a high likelihood that they will perform poorly and may not even want to continue working with the company.

“People need to feel they have valued team members. Our energy is precious, and we only have so much of it to give in a day. Why would someone invest their energy into something if their opinions and input aren’t respected and acknowledged? Tanner Learning Group found that 79% of people who left their job did so because they didn’t feel appreciated.”
— Forbes

Providing Your Security Team A Guard Booth With A Restroom

bullet resistant guard boothWhile it may feel unnecessary to think about your security team and their bathroom needs, it is an expected comfort of a job. Decision-makers may feel like they don’t need to prioritize the costs of installing a restroom if there is one nearby; however, installing a guard booth with a restroom can save you and your team time, money, and headaches from having to hire more new employees to cover for restroom breaks. Ensuring a clean restroom in your guard booth is both professional and desirable. Furthermore, OSHA laws require employees to be able to use the restroom whenever they need it. Therefore, having a guard booth with a restroom is a great way to confirm your security team is able to access the bathroom whenever they need, without having to leave their post. It ensures that your guard booth does not go unmanned for long periods of time.

Providing High-End Comfort

custom guard buildingsKeeping your security team comfortable is a great way to keep your employees loyal and happy working for you and your company. At Guard Buildings, we offer the option for completely custom guard booths. This allows you to offer your security team guard booths that provide comfort. This includes guard booths with built-in restrooms, enhanced desk space, as well as cosmetic enhancements. Furthermore, we can customize the guard booth to fit your business’ aesthetic needs as well as provide a pleasing workplace for your team and visitors. This allows you to boost your security team’s morale, which can improve their performance.

“An extensive study into happiness and productivity has found that workers are 13% more productive when happy.”
— University of Oxford

Safety Is Key

The ability to have a fully customized guard booth allows for optimal safety. Your security team will quickly fall in love with the safety offered by their provided guard booth. Being able to certify your security team’s safety is a great way to make them feel comfortable and valued on the job.

prefab guard house manufacturer-guardGuard Building’s guard booths features

  • Bullet Resistance
  • Blast Resistance
  • Gun Ports
  • Sliding Windows
  • Camera Systems
  • Gate Arms

Guard Buildings Custom Guard Shacks

We believe that the safety and comfort of your security team are a critical part of our journey to building your custom guard shack. We only use the highest-quality materials in our construction and work to provide an array of options for you and your team. Our guard booths are built in compliance with the highest industry standards and with features such as a restroom.

Don’t wait any longer to provide your employees with the guard booth they deserve. Contact us today for more information about how we can build you the perfect guard shack. Give us a call at 919-413-7395, email us at, or contact us here to get a free quote.