Four Tips for Getting Your Employees Spring Storm Ready

Spring is around the corner and it brings about hope and excitement for a new season. However, for many businesses, the new season can be volatile with its broad range of extreme weather. Experts have predicted that tornado activity will be above average this year, which means tremendous property damages and personal injuries are bound to occur without proper preparation. As experts on weather guard buildings, we would like to provide you with some tips on how to best prepare your business and get your employees ready for the upcoming spring storms.

Four Tips for Spring Storm Preparation for Your Employees

Come up with a Strong Emergency Plan

weather guard buildingsAs the storm season is approaching, we highly recommend you to create an emergency plan in response to extreme weather conditions when they take place. If you are a small business with less than 10 employees, gather everyone together so that they all can give their input and know exactly what their responsibilities are when an emergency happens. Make sure to answer the following questions:

  • Where would be the best place for shelter in the building?
  • Who will be in charge of monitoring the weather?
  • What is the game plan when power is lost?
  • How will you get information from outside the shelter when the Internet is down?
  • Who will be responsible for ushering customers and other employees to the safe area?
  • What is the best way to back up important data in case the servers are damaged?

With whatever plan you put together, it is important that all employees are on the same page about the plan and ready to carry out the procedures at any time. Let them know that their safety and well-being are always a top priority.

Stock up on Supplies

Depending on where your business is located, the impact of the spring storm and how long it lasts would differ. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to create a collection of emergency supplies and designate an easily accessible space to store them. Reach out to your employees and ask for their opinions on specific items to stock up on to accommodate their basic needs while staying in the shelter. For more information, check out this hurricane safety checklist created by the Red Cross.

Minimize Chances for Injury

To reduce the possibility of your employees getting hurt during spring storms, you should start removing objects that can cause accidents in the event of inclement weather. Airborne hazards like weak tree branches or unsecured materials need to be addressed. Also, reach out to your maintenance service for a thorough inspection and make replacements where needed. If your budget allows, consider investing in roof strapping and/or storm shutters for your commercial building. As you go through these steps, make sure to cross them off your checklist and confirm with people who carry out the duties to ensure that you have effectively minimized any chances for injury should the storm take place.

Have a Secured Shelter

weather guard buildingsAll your preparations would become somewhat meaningless if you do not have a secured shelter in place. As your employees’ safety is challenged in a spring storm, you want to make sure that they have a secured space that they can stay at. This is where we step in and provide you with an ideal solution – our weather guard buildings. We pride ourselves on the quality of the product as it possesses the desirable features listed below:

  • Reliable. Our guard buildings are manufactured using strong metal construction and welded metal framing. They also meet all building codes, including the Miami-Dade High-Velocity Wind Zone requirements. Rain or shine, our structures provide business owners and employees with peace of mind.
  • Comfortable. With a good layout, proper insulation and ventilation, good lighting (including dimmable interior lighting and exterior floodlights), and 360-degree visibility, our weather shelters help create the comfort that one may need as they are waiting for the storm to pass. Did you know that we also offer a built-in bathroom and an anti-fatigue floor mat for extra comfort?
  • Portable. Our weather guard buildings can be easily picked up and re-located anywhere.
  • Affordable. Not only is our company trusted for the quality products that we manufacture but also for the reasonable prices that we offer. We work closely with you to find a solution that meets your budget and caters to your needs.

Are You in the Market for Weather Guard Buildings? We Can Help!

Spring storms can bring about some serious damage, but with proper preparation and a secured, reliable structure, you are set to protect your employees from injuries. Our weather shelters are built with function, durability, and comfort in mind so you can be sure you are getting the greatest protection for your staff.
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