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Features You Should Consider for a Well-Equipped Guard Shack

Making Your Guard Shacks Safe and Comfortable

A guard shack is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment a company can invest in. Endless customizations ensure that your company is getting exactly what it needs. Guard shacks provide enhanced safety, security, and add a sleek finish to your property. There are some features, however, that one should definitely consider when purchasing a guard shack. Guard Buildings’ guard shacks are fully customizable, extremely affordable, and can ship anywhere in the country in as little as two days. Guard Buildings has been designing high quality guard shacks for over 20 years for a wide variety of industries. For more information about our expertise and products, click here.


Guard Shack Features

Guard shacks provide several benefits to businesses and properties of a wide variety. Gated communities, schools, and large commercial properties all require more up-front protection that regular security systems cannot provide. Custom guard shacks offer critical front lines of protection without sticking out like a sore thumb thanks to an endless list of customizations. There are several features and design options that you should consider when building a guard shack for your property. These features provide added safety, security, and design aesthetic benefits.

Some of these customizations include:

  • Safety Features:
    Hurricane Code Compliance
    ADA Compliance
    One, Two, and Three Fire Hour Ratings
    Earthquake Resistance
    Bullet & Blast Proof
    Miami-Dade High Velocity Wind Zone Requirements
  • Security Features:
    Sally Ports
    Fixed & PTZ Cameras
    High-Intensity Lighting
    Bollard Posts as Protective Barriers (upon request)
    Alarm System Wiring
    Gate Arms
  • Design Features:
    Real Brick Exterior
    Custom Roofing
    Cosmetic Enhancements
    Built-In Restrooms
    Extra Doors
    Sliding Windows
    Enhanced Desk Space

Combine any of these features to create a custom guard shack perfect for your company’s needs. Enhanced safety measures provide benefits for employees, residents, and guests, as well as offering long-term security benefits for your property. Guard shacks can also play a critical role in the business continuity plans of companies and local, state, and federal organizations.

Residential communities, educational properties, and HOAs also benefit from the sense of peace an on-property security presence can bring. Guard shacks can house security teams as well as serve as an entrance gate to your property. Guard shacks are a solid investment in the safety and security of your property, without sacrificing design aesthetics.

prefab guard house manufacturer-park-model-sideGuard Buildings Custom Guard Shacks

Guard Buildings is the national leader when it comes to custom guard shacks for your business, residential community, or campus. We believe that safety is a critical component for all who use our buildings, which is why we only use the highest-quality materials in our construction. Our guard shacks are built in compliance with the highest industry standards, as well as any other code requirements you may need.
We understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to security measures, which is why our cost-effective structures are ready to ship in as little as two days after deposit. All of our guard shacks have a full lifetime warranty on their metal frames, so you don’t have to worry about our structures falling over during a time of crisis. Guard Buildings is one of only three national companies who can meet Miami-Dade High Velocity Wind Zone requirements.

Don’t wait to start on an effective security plan for your property. Contact us today for more information about how we can build you the perfect guard shack. Give us a call at (919)413-7395, email us at, or contact us here to get a free quote.