The Four Most Common Security Mistakes Your Business May Be Making

Guard Building Manufacturers Ask, Is Your Company Making Security Mistakes That Can Cost You BIG?

Improving Your Company’s Security is Vital

Whether an enterprise or a small business, top-tier security should be one of your primary concerns as a business owner. With a lack of security comes a lack of safety towards your employees, company data, and assets. Understanding your greatest security risks can help you understand how to better protect yourself from them happening – whether that be through using guard booth manufacturers to improve your facility’s security or better preparing your employees to know what to do in the case of a security emergency.

1.) Not Placing CCTV Strategically

Security Camera on Guard Booth TipsClosed-Circuit Television Systems are meant to protect your company by using an analog or IP-based camera system. However, if they are not installed properly, are not proper systems, or fail to serve their purpose then they are useless to providing security for your company. This can lead to security breaches, loss of money on expensive CCTV equipment, and more. Provided to the right are some tips on how to better your CCTV usage.

2.) Not Having a Proper Emergency Plan

There are so many security breaches, safety hazards, and more that can happen within your business. One of the best ways to combat a worst-case scenario is through formulating a plan on how you will handle it.

  • What if you encounter an unwanted visitor?
  • What if there is an unexpected fire?
  • What will you do if products go missing?

Planning ahead for these scenarios can allow you to protect yourself and your company. This includes ensuring your security team has a proper location to monitor your business – such as a guard booth. Here at Guard Buildings, we are exceptional guard booth manufacturers with a vast array of building options, which can help you house your security properly. Furthermore, taking these potential ‘worst-case scenarios’ into consideration can lead you to wonder if you need additional security.

3.) Improper Cyber Security

In the US alone, there are around 4,000 cybercrime attacks every single day. We are living in an age where your digital presence is always facing a risk against security breaches. Your data can become prone to phishing, malware, hacking, viruses, loss of data, and more at a moment’s notice. If your data becomes breached you risk legal troubles, financial consequences, and a bad reputation that could lead to a decrease in customers. Here are some ways you can help ensure your data is safe from cyber attacks.

  • guard booth manufacturers-cyber securityAsk a professional to review your website(s) and its ability to withstand attacks
  • Employ an IT agency to protect your website
  • Use strong passwords and update them regularly
  • Ensure your employees understand the responsibility that comes with accessing certain data
  • Use a well known and well-reviewed antivirus program for protection
  • Frequently back up your website and data
  • Use a VPN

4.) Trying to Protect Your Company By Yourself

We cannot keep track of every single aspect of our business, no matter how small. Getting the proper help can bring your company to a whole new level. Hiring a proper security guard can help protect your company from certain attacks while hiring a professional company to install your CCTV can help make sure it records important events that could occur. And don’t forget the proper guard shack! Having a guard shack outfitted to meet your company’s needs is critical to the foundation of your security. Don’t be tempted to simply outfit any kind of modular building, a guard shack should be built to specs that are customized for your individual security staff needs. Getting professionals to help keep your company secure is a critical investment that will help prevent costly security breaches in the future.

Guard Buildings: Your Best Bet for a Guard Booth Manufacturer

guard booth manufacturers-Guard BuildingsProtecting your employees, customers and company should be at the top of your list when it comes to your business’s needs. Guard Buildings’ guard shack booths provide a fully customizable experience that will enhance your business’s security. Additionally, they can be easily moved and efficiently installed quickly.

We are ready to provide you with a guard booth that is designed for your business’s wants and needs. The guard booths at Guard Buildings have a multitude of features such as camera systems, gate arms, gun ports, air conditioning, and much more.


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