Tips for Business Security During the Holidays

A new set of challenges present themselves during the holidays for all businesses. From increased volumes of orders to limiting the time taken off by employees, the holidays are a hectic time for businesses. What can you do to ensure the safety of your employees and inventory? The proactive and effective route is making sure that your security is up to date. A pre-engineered guardhouse could be the perfect solution for your business.


Why a Pre-Engineered Guard House?

pre-engineered-guard-house-buildingA guard house is a building used as the first line of defense at the entrance of a business. A guard house can provide security for your employees, their cars, your business’s inventory, and provides peace of mind to customers visiting your location. The experts at Guard Buildings can help you make the right decision on a pre-engineered guard house.

A guard house is meant to be seen first by people entering your business. Having a guard house as a checkpoint before entering your parking lot has multiple benefits. It gives your employees and visitors the comfort of knowing that unscheduled guests will not have access to the parking lot. A guard house also lowers the risk of car break-ins while workers are clocked in.

Adding a guard house is a good way to monitor the traffic coming and going from the business, as well as protection of onsite assets. While dock thefts do not usually make the nightly news, it is a real threat to economic security in the United States. The FBI estimates that over $30 billion of cargo is stolen annually. Having a pre-engineered guard house can help combat those high numbers, and limit the amount of theft in your company.


FBI estimates that over $30 billion of cargo is stolen annually.


Safety Besides a Pre-Engineered Guard House

There are other ways to ensure safety for your employees and company. The guard house professionals recommend these security tips to be prepared this holiday season:

  • Onsite Surveillance – Having cameras outside and inside your business is probably the most obvious security measure, but it is also effective. Studies show that just having cameras onsite can reduce theft often times more than 50%.
  •  Cyber Security – Consistently changing online passwords is a great measure to take to ensure safety among your most valuable assets. It is recommended to change your passwords every three months.
  • Double Down On Digital – When keeping stock of inventory, it is always beneficial to have another copy of your notes. An online database is usually more secure than general notes on paper if you periodically change that password.

Other Pre-Engineered Guard Houses

pre-engineered-house-outsideGuard Buildings offers customizable aspects of each building to ensure maximum protection. From bullet and blast-resistant windows to simple protection from the weather, Guard Buildings has the right guard house for you.

Customizations include:

  • Bullet and Blast Resistant Guard Houses – With different levels of resistance, the perfect fit for your need is waiting for you at Guard Buildings
  • Bus Shelters – When you are looking to provide comfort and protection from the weather for your commuters, we’ve got you covered.
  • ATM Enclosures – Outdoor ATM’s may be passed over for more secure ones. Ensure that your clients are safe with an enclosure that is always pre-engineered to your specific needs.
  • Parking Attendant Booth – As the first person that people see when entering your business, parking attendants play an important role in your business. They should be protected first, so they can protect others.
  • Quick Ship Structures – Guard Buildings offers the best lead time in the industry, with all sizes of guard houses shipped within two days of receiving the deposit.

 Are You Ready To Be Protected?

At Guard Buildings, we manufacture high-quality pre-engineered modular structures such as guard shacks, gatehouses, bus shelters, parking attendant booths, toll booths, and ATM enclosures that meet even the toughest and most rigorous building codes in the country. We also offer a full lifetime warranty on the frames and can match any competitors’ quotes.

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