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Attracting Riders for Your Public Transport Bus System

The public transportation sector of city governments across the country has recently seen a widespread of bus drivers. This issue has caused transit delays nationwide, which directly impact millions of commuters on a daily basis. To combat this issue, city governments need to come up with new ways to attract new public transit talents. As a top bus waiting shelters manufacturer, we feel compelled to find an answer to the problem, and that is why we have come up with a list of solutions that city governments can consider to improve the situation.

Ways to Attract New Riders for Your Public Transport Bus System

Conduct Job Fairs

bus waiting sheltersThis is one of the best ways to let people in the local area know about available job opportunities and to foster knowledge of your organization. Whether the job fair is conducted virtually or in person, make sure that all the benefits that come with working for the city government are highlighted in the marketing materials. Bear in mind that long queues may turn a job seeker off, so be sure to have a proficient number of employees at the job fair to keep the process smooth.

Embrace the Generational Shifts

Though wages for bus drivers and public transit operators keep rising, it is the fact that the workforce is aging that causes the labor shortage. As tough an issue as it is, there are certain courses of action that city governments can take to tackle it, such as:

  • Build a mentoring culture across the board
  • Invest in paid training, talent development programs, and employees’ benefits
  • Solicit feedback from both the aging and younger workers on how to improve the public transportation system
  • Develop a proper onboarding program
  • Digitize tests and streamline the hiring process

Ramp up Marketing Efforts

bus waiting sheltersIf possible, consider reaching out to a marketing agency that has experience working with local governments to develop a bus driver recruitment campaign. From content marketing to digital ads, there are many different tools and resources that a capable marketing agency can leverage to deliver the results that you want. Also, make sure not to overlook the importance of traditional marketing, such as posters, pamphlets, and rolling billboards. How cool would it be to have the recruitment promoted at bus stops across the city?
At Guard Buildings, we manufacture bus waiting shelters that effectively protect commuters from harsh elements while giving them a comfortable place to wait for the bus. They are thoughtfully designed to be durable and long-lasting. Did you know that our bus shelters also meet the Miami-Dade High-Velocity Wind Zone requirements? Combining with your marketing effort, our bus shelters will play an important role in attracting new bus drivers to serve the city.

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