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Outfitting Your Guard Shack for Winter

Keep the Cold Out and Security In

Employers know that happy and comfortable employees work harder, smarter, and tend to appreciate their job more, as a whole. The best way to keep your security team happy and comfortable is by providing a well-built and properly equipped guard shack. Weather often finds ways of sneaking into well-insulated homes and offices, so it only makes sense that a guard shack might be more vulnerable to weather conditions. Guard Buildings is experienced and knowledgeable in constructing customizable guard shacks that keep the weather out and keep your security team safe. Here are a few more tips for outfitting your guard shack for winter.

Accessorizing Your Employees and Guard Shack for Winter

Installing a newly built guard shack may be the best way of providing a safe, insulated base for guards to operate out of. However, there are even more steps you can take to give your security team a comfortable winter environment. Following these steps will help your employees perform to the best of their ability even in the cold weather.


  • Equip the guard team with company-branded winter clothing such as jackets, pants, beanies, etc. can help maintain a professional appearance on top of benefiting the guards
  • Allow your security team to have multiple indoor breaks – despite having a customized guard booth with superior insulation, opening doors or windows to perform security checks still allows the outside to come in. Offering your security team time to warm up inside a main building will help keep them alert and comfortable.
  • Provide disposable hand warmers.
  • Keep your team comfortable with warm beverages, coffee, team, etc. Remember your guard shack can be customized to provide a small break room inside for those crucial warm breaks.

In addition to this, if your company is operating in an area that experiences intense weather it is important to create an emergency plan specialized for the winter months.

A Guard Shack That Will Provide A Warm Winter

As previously stated, having a guard shack that is built with precision and high quality materials from the beginning is the best way to secure your security team from cold days.  One of the most important aspects of providing a winter-ready guard shack is ensuring you are working with or have worked with a company that provides quality guard shacks.

Ensuring that the guard shack is built with care and precision keeps employers and security team leaders from having to make expensive changes to the structure come winter such as dealing with a lack of insulation and sealing up air drafts. Guard Buildings provides high-quality and customizable guard shacks, guaranteed to provide optimal insulation for your security team during the winter months.

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Guard Buildings structures can be pre-assembled with two types of construction that help guards stay comfortable and ready:

  • Sandwich-type featuring steel or aluminum facings with a polystyrene insulating core
  • One-piece urethane core buildings with aluminum or steel facings for the most demanding conditions, including Florida Hurricane code

Ready to Protect Your Team The Same Way They Protect You?

At Guard Buildings, the safety and comfort of your security team are of high importance to us when creating your perfect guard booth. We only use the highest-quality materials in our construction and work to provide an array of options for you and your team.

Don’t let your security team spend another winter in a cold, outdated guard shack. Contact us today for more information about how we can build you the perfect guard shack. Email us at or give us a call at 919-413-7395 to get your perfect guard shack in the works today. Or request a quote now for your prefab guard booth.