8 Benefits of A Pre Fab Guard Shack For Your HOA

Is A Pre Fab Guard Shack A Good Investment For Your HOA?

Do you really need a prefab guard shack for your Homeowners Association (HOA)? Is it a good investment? If you’re still on the fence whether or not you should hire security guards and invest in a prefab guard house for your HOA, here are eight ways that can help you see the wisdom and beauty in having one installed in your community.

Investing in Security is a Must

prefab-guard-shack-houseCrime can happen anywhere so it doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a large city or a small town or in an urban or sub-urban environment. Anyone can be a victim so it pays to be vigilant and take preventive measures to keep your home and neighborhood safe at all times.

So, aside from being diligent in your home’s personal security as an HOA Board Member you should seriously consider the positive impact for your community of hiring security personnel for your HOA and installing a prefab guard house to serve as their main station.

Here’s why:

  • It enhances the security of the area. Having an expert security service in your community or residential complex can significantly reduce criminal activities. Criminals usually will avoid a community if there is a security personnel stationed at the front gate to monitor who enters and leaves the premises. Having security teams that routinely patrol the community further reduces the risk of criminal activities.
  • It ensures the strict enforcement of traffic regulations. Aside from deterring criminal activities, security guards can help establish and enforce traffic regulations around the community. Knowing that there is someone responsible for monitoring the traffic and enforcing the speed limits in the streets can make your community a kid-friendly zone.
  • It ensures compliance to parking regulations. You’ll appreciate this especially if you’re living in a community or residential complex with limited parking slots. Without proper management, parking can easily become a major issue.
  • It gives you peace of mind. Nothing beats the feeling of assurance and peace of mind that comes with living in a community manned by dedicated security guards.
  • It adds to property values. While desirable features and upgrades can increase the value of individual properties, having security guards in the premises can increase the overall home values. Security is a top concern among most homeowners so they will gladly pay more for properties in secure gated communities if it means that they will have peace of mind.


Why Choose a Prefab Guard Shack?

prefab-guard-shack-community At Guard Buildings we know the value of choosing a prefab guard shack for your HOA. There are several reasons why installing a prefabricated guard house is better than constructing a permanent building.

Here’s why:

  •  Prefab guard shacks are extremely portable. These modular structures are lightweight and are super easy to move from one site to another, should the need arise. They are delivered fully assembled so you can use them as soon as they arrive at your location. And since they come pre-assembled, you don’t have to worry about any construction mess.
  • They are fully customizable. With a prefab guard house, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs to match your main business style and theme. You can also easily add room for other amenities (e.g. bathroom, break room, etc.) to keep your employees more comfortable. More importantly, each of these structures are built to your exact specifications and requirements.
  • They give good value for your money. Pre-engineered guard shacks are extremely durable and are expected to last for years so you are guaranteed to get a good return on your HOA investment.

Looking for High-Quality Prefab Guard Shacks? Get What You Need at Guard Buildings

At Guard Buildings, we manufacture high-quality pre-engineered modular structures such as guard shacks, gatehouses, bus shelters, parking attendant booths, toll booths, and ATM enclosures that meet even the toughest and most rigorous building codes in the country. We also offer a full lifetime warranty on the frames and can match any competitors’ quotes.


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