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6 Benefits Of An Attended Parking Booth

Whether you have an arena, a hospital, or a loading station, your company can benefit greatly from a parking attendant booth. Not only can you put a face to an oftentimes automated system of self-parking, but it can make a real difference in how people view your business. From safety to professionalism, the benefits outnumber the downsides of having an in-person attendant in parking booths.

A business without a parking attendant booth can feel unsafe or unprofessional. These are the things your clients will see before they even step foot inside or talk to the business owner. Having a booth is one of the first steps to building trust and assurance with the clients that stop by your place of business. There are many great things that come along with an attended parking booth, but we have narrowed them down to the top 7 things that a booth can do for you.

How A Parking Booth Can Help You

  1. Prevents Crime – This is probably the most obvious of the benefits, but yes, an attended parking booth does prevent crime from occurring on your property. Having a person instead of a machine as your first point of contact for your business is crucial to preventing crime. Pair it with security cameras, and the chance of any crime happening unnoticed would go down drastically. parking-attendant-booth
  2. Sense Of Security – This goes along with preventing crime; having an attended parking booth provides peace of mind to your clients and employees. They would not have to worry about someone breaking into their car or have an unwanted visitor walking the company grounds. The feeling your customers and employees experience while on your property is what will separate you from the competition.
  3. Customer Service – Trying to troubleshoot or problem-solve issues with an automated system can be tiresome, repetitive, and often times problems will not be solved at all. Trying to do the same with an actual person has the opposite effect. It is more personal, and issues can be solved directly.
  4. Elevate The Status Of Your Business – A customer can make an assumption about your company before any sale is made. Having a parking attendant will make your company be looked at as better protected and more concerned about the well-being of the customer than companies that do not. These details matter when making new connections and networking.
  5. Safety of Employee/Visitor’s Cars – Going along the lines of employee safety, having a parking attendant will decrease the chance of any theft or vandalism of cars in your lot. The Insurance Information Institute claims that while the amount of vehicle theft is lower than in the previous five years, more money is being lost when theft does occur. The most straightforward way to combat auto-theft is having an attended parking booth.
  6. Decreases Vandalism – Having the peace of mind that your grounds are being watched and monitored is something you should not go without in your company. Having a guard as the first point of contact may not eliminate the chance of theft or vandalism but it will increase the chances of the crimes being reported instead of going unnoticed.

There is never a bad time to invest in your companies safety and advance its prestige. With professional help from the Guard Buildings, we can help take your company to the next level.

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