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5 Ways Bus Waiting Shelters Make Your Community More Attractive

Bus waiting shelters are more than just a place where you spend time while waiting for your bus to arrive. You might not think much about it but it can help improve the community and make it more attractive to new residents. How does it do that? Let us take a closer look.


How Do Bus Waiting Shelters Benefit the Community?

There are many ways by which bus shelters serve the community. Basically, these structures:

Ensure passenger comfort

bus waiting sheltersOne particular study conducted by the University of Minnesota indicated that most people have a negative perception regarding waiting time in transit travel. Commuters waiting at stops that barely have any amenities feel that the waiting time is at least 1.3 times and up to four times longer than it actually is. However, the perception is dramatically improved with the provision of a bus shelter, a bench, and real-time departure information.

A well-equipped bus stop provides a secure and comfortable place to sit, making it a welcome respite for older people, people with impaired mobility, and pedestrians who needed to catch their breath during a long walk. It also provides a clear, unobstructed view of oncoming buses and allows people to conveniently and safely board the bus.

Ensure safety

A properly designed and well-lit bus shelter provides a sense of safety and security, especially for women, children, the elderly, and the disabled, who are waiting for bus rides in potentially unsafe, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Moreover, it also reduces the perceived waiting time for women commuters.

Provide protection against the weather

A good bus shelter provides ample protection against inclement weather. Nobody wants to get caught up in the rain or stand in the heat of the sun while waiting for the bus to arrive, right? By having a suitable shelter, passengers can be adequately shielded from the sun, rain, snow, and wind.

Promote better public transit

Aesthetically designed bus stops that allow better visibility and easy access provide a significantly better transportation experience which entices people to patronize the mass-transit system. For a relatively small investment, bus shelters can help change people’s perception of buses and encourage them to use it more often.

Improve the overall quality of life

Since the majority of the riders of transit systems in the country belong to the marginalized sector of the community, putting up or improving the bus shelters in their communities will also enhance their transit experience, make their neighborhoods more livable, and improve their quality of life.

In some cities around the country, bus shelters are being reinvented in interestingly creative ways. In Cleveland, bus shelters become instant exercise hubs, where commuters can do some stretching and strengthening exercises (thanks to the colorful vinyl infographics plastered on the shelters’ walls) as they wait for their bus. Meanwhile, catchment-enabled shelters in East Austin don’t just shield commuters from the rain and blistering heat, the structures also funnel the rainwater to the plants around the base.


Where Are They Needed?

bus waiting sheltersGenerally, bus shelters should be placed in the following locations:

  • · Commercial areas with high levels of ridership (e.g. near consumer retail stores, office buildings, etc.)
  • · Neighborhoods where buses don’t run frequently
  • · Areas with security concerns
  • · Neighborhoods with high populations of older and mobility-impaired persons
  • · Areas known for inclement weather conditions


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