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5 Tips for Better Protecting Your Construction Site Assets

Construction Security Requires The Highest-Quality Guard Shack Booths

One of the most unwelcome setbacks when it comes to construction sites is missing deadlines or going over budget due to stolen equipment and materials. Keeping your construction site, workers, and visitors safe is extremely important, but what are the best ways to do so? Below are some tips for protecting your construction site, but one of the best ways to protect your site is with an onsite security team in a well-equipped guard shack. Guard Buildings’ guard shack booths offer top-of-the-line security features on top of the other benefits for your construction site. Guard Buildings has been manufacturing and designing custom guard shacks for decades and for a number of industries. For more information on how our products can help protect your construction site, click here.

Construction Site Safety Tips

In order to fight against construction site theft, here are a few tips for keeping your site as safe as possible.

1.     Install Lights: Installing good lighting around the construction site ensures that no one can enter or exit without being seen. Good lighting also gives security cameras and other nighttime surveillance maximum visibility of the area.

2.     Security Cameras & Alarms: Advances in technology have provided us with extremely high-tech security systems outside of the traditional permanent surveillance systems. Most security systems can be run via app, so it’s very easy to monitor your site in real-time. Strategically install cameras around expensive equipment, high-traffic areas, and all entrances and exits. Installing good lighting also compliments security systems by providing ample visibility of the construction site.

3.     guard-shack-boothsSignage: Certain states have signage requirements for construction and trespassing. Check your local regulations for how many signs are required, what signs to use, etc. Signs are the easiest way to mark your territory and to alert non-authorized personnel if they are trespassing. Make sure the signs are easy to read, visible, and have adequate lighting around them.

4.     Locking Up Equipment: This one sounds like a no-brainer but there are some extra precautions you should take while locking up for the night. Try to install PIN-pads wherever possible and change the PIN frequently. For larger equipment, monitor who has access to the keys and lock up the keys at the end of the day. Remove steering wheels, batteries, and other essential items from larger machinery and lock them up in a secure area. Park large equipment in a well-lit area that is monitored by cameras or a security guard.

5.     Maintain a Constant Security Presence:  One of the easiest ways to monitor your construction site at all times is to hire full-time security. Alarms and cameras are great for after-hours monitoring but having a full-time security officer allows surveillance of all areas that cameras may not be able to see.

Guard Buildings’ Guard Shacks

As discussed above, one major part of maintaining a tight security system is having the best equipment for the job. Guard shack booths provide enhanced security features and can be fully customized to fit your construction site’s needs.  Guard shacks on trailers also offer great mobility for security management and allow for swift installation and removal from the construction site. Some of the other features you can add to your guard shack booth include:

prefab guard house manufacturer-guard

·       Camera Systems

·       Air Conditioning

·       Gun Ports

·       Gate Arms

·       Built-In Restrooms

·       Bullet Resistance


Guard Buildings works with you to create guard shack booths that fit your company’s needs. We ship all over the country in as little as two days for prices that rival the competition. All of our structures are guaranteed to meet code requirements and pass inspections and come with a 1-year warranty.

Guard Buildings’ Guard Shack Booths Stand Up To Demanding Construction Site Security Needs

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