5 Reasons To Consider A Prefab Guard Booth For Your Over 55 Community

A Prefab Guard Booth for Your 55+ Community

With a growing number of retirement communities, it is important to keep security in mind through the designing and developing stages. Over 55 community members deserve a comfortable and safe environment to enjoy their retirement. A prefab guard booth from Guard Buildings can help keep your Over 55 community safe and secure.

Many active senior adults are choosing to live in Over 55 communities after they retire. Members of these communities pick them because they offer more privacy, security, sense of community, and amenities. Without solid security measures in place, the appeal of these communities could be diminished. Increasing community security measures will give you and your residents peace of mind.

prefab guard boothWith options for various structure types, mobility, and customization, a prefab guard booth can serve as a multi-functional security tool for your community.

How a Prefab Guard Booth can Serve your 55+ Community

Monitor Guests

A prefab guard booth can be used as a guest check-in site at the front of your community. This will ensure community visitors, including maintenance workers, contractors, and residents’ guests, are being screened before entering the premises. Monitoring who is coming in and out of the community will give your residents peace of mind and decrease the number of unwanted visitors.

Enhance Security

Physical security measures, like the presence of a prefab guard booth, will help to deter any potential criminal activity and threats to your community. A guard booth could help prevent the presence of porch pirates, solicitors, vandals, and any other criminals.

Centralized Security

A prefab guard booth can serve as your community’s centralized security hub. This will save you from having to use precious real estate as a security office. The booth can serve as a place for security personnel to meet, keep security equipment organized, and be a known security location for your community to utilize.

Extra Security Measures

A prefab guard booth can help you add extra security measures to ensure the safety of your community. The booth can home radio equipment, security cameras and CCTV, and security lighting. Even if your community is not staffed by security personnel at all times, these extra measures will allow you to provide 24/7 security measures.

Increase Community Value

Security can increase the value of your community for you and your residents. A safe and secure community is a more comfortable, intimate, and private community. Ensuring security within your community will give your residents peace of mind and create a more relaxing living environment.

Ready to Protect and Enhance your Over 55 Community?

At Guard Buildings, we manufacture high-quality pre-engineered modular structures such as guard shacks, gatehouses, bus shelters, parking attendant booths, toll booths, and ATM enclosures that meet even the toughest and most rigorous building codes in the country. We also offer a full lifetime warranty on the frames and can match any competitors’ quotes.
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