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3 Tips for Keeping Your Parking Attendants Safe During COVID-19

As our state Georgia has been gradually easing our way back to normalcy, more places have been back to operation. This is the time when all businesses and organizations need to practice caution to ensure safety for everyone involved, especially parking attendants. They usually are the first ones to come into contact with other employees and visitors. Therefore, it’s crucial that employers take the extra steps to keep them safe. Here are some ways to protect your parking attendants from potential COVID-19 exposure.


3 Tips for Keeping Your Parking Attendants Safe During Covid-19

Provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

parking attendant boothUsage of masks and gloves can go a long way in protecting your employees’ health. While the acquirement of surgical masks or N-95 respirators for non-medical workers is strongly discouraged, the use of cloth face coverings has been recommended by the CDC to help slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus. Regarding gloves, you should go with latex, disposable ones. Generally, the FDA does not recommend the reuse of gloves.

Emphasize Parking Attendant Booth Sanitation

When on duty, parking attendants spend most of their time in the parking attendant booth. Therefore, employers must enforce cleaning and disinfecting. Parking attendants need to focus on high touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, cash drawers, and tables. If there are electronics in the booth, they should regularly disinfect them with sprays or use wipeable covers. To ensure their workplace cleanliness, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and disinfectants should be available to parking attendants at all times. This helps decrease the risk of surface contamination and disease transmission.

Equip Parking Attendants with Knowledge and Skills

parking attendant boothYour parking attendant employees need training in coronavirus screening. This allows them to spot people who exhibit common symptoms of coronavirus and prevent them from entering the building. The screening procedure should be applicable to all staff before the start of each work shift and all visitors. If there’s a suspected case, the parking attendant on duty must immediately contact a trained Emergency Medical Service/ Emergency Medical Technician (EMS/EMT) for assessment and transport the patient with suspected infection to the closest healthcare facility. Keep your parking employees updated on any new government regulations concerning COVID-19.


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